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LifeCaps 180 Value Size (180 x 3)
LifeCaps 180 Value Size (180 x 3)
LifeCaps 180 Value Size (180 x 3)

LifeCaps 180 Value Size (180 x 3)

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LifeCaps Chewable Formula

Unlike chemical appetite suppressants, the active ingredients in LifeCaps are non-habit forming, will not cause sleeplessness, nervousness or rapid heart rate. Designed to help your body quickly move into ketosis so that your body can burn stored fat for optimal energy production. In ketosis, your body uses ketones instead of glucose or glycogen for energy. 

In addition to a mild blend of vitamins and minerals, LifeCaps contains a patent form of GTF chromium. Scientific evidence suggests that as many as 90% of Americans don’t get enough chromium and there may be health hazards relating to chromium deficiencies, including diabetes mellitus and ischemic heart disease. Also, there is accumulating scientific evidence on the importance of GTF chromium in blood-sugar and blood-lipid metabolism. The same GTF chromium complex we added to LifeCaps has been clinically proven to help stabilize blood sugar.

If you remember your high school biology, you know that after you eat a meal, glucose is absorbed into your bloodstream causing insulin to be released by your pancreas. This insulin allows the body to store and use glucose by virtually every tissue in your body, especially your muscles and liver. Your liver stores the glucose as glycogen and when you need some energy, it’s turned back into glucose and released into your blood, so it can be transported throughout your body.

Research has shown that the GTF Chromium complex in LifeCaps is a biologically active form of chromium. In its active form, this chromium helps bind insulin to cell membrane receptor sites. LifeCaps helps provide nutrients to help the body remain active and energetic*.

Most LifeCaps customers say that chewing 4 to 6 LifeCaps with a glass of water, juice, milk or even soda can help curb their appetite for hours, making it easier to not overeat.* When used for weight management most of our customers report that a 180 Caplet bottle is an 18 to 36 day supply.*

A Meal In A Pill?

Not Really!

But a serving can take a big bite out of hunger.

When food is unavailable, LifeCaps helps take a bite out of hunger and provides the nutrients necessary to remain active and energetic*. Whether you're stuck in a snowstorm or just too busy to stop for lunch, LifeCaps really makes a difference! Most of our customers say that chewing 3 to 5 LifeCaps with a glass of water, juice, milk or even soda helps curb their appetite for hours.* When used for weight management most of our customers report that a 180 Caplet bottle is an 18 to 36 day supply.*


  • Are 100% Natural, Mild, & Easily Absorbed by Your Body.
  • Work with Absolutely NO Stimulants.
  • Are Sweet to Taste and For All Ages.
  • Convenient - Keep them in Your Car, 72 Hr. Kit, Desk, and Purse!
  • They Simply WORK.

At only 6 calories per chewable caplet, LifeCaps is not intended for prolonged use without any other source of nutrition. But as all too many Americans know, emergencies happen and it can take days for aid to arrive. Our scientifically formulated nutritional caplets are specifically designed to be taken on an empty stomach. Simply take a caplet or two with water in place of that missed meal and be comforted as LifeCaps curbs those hunger pangs and triggers your metabolism to release its stored body weight which in turn will supply you with the nutrition your brain and body need to help you think clearly and maintain your stamina.

In an emergency situation or just for daily living, always keep LifeCaps within your reach.

FDA Drug Manufacturing Standards

Value Order products are only produced in FDA licensed Drug Manufacturing facilities, whose standard operating procedures are based on Current Good Manufacturing Practices as defined by the Food and Drug Administration.0 

Value Order ensures the highest quality nutraceuticals by applying drug manufacturing procedures to every nutritional, herbal, food, homeopathic, and personal care product we make. No Additives This product is made from superior ingredients and formulated to ensure optimum potency.

Our manufacturer’s on-site laboratories are constantly monitored and tested by expert chemists and microbiologists to ensure consistent quality of raw materials, product batches, and finished products.

Vitamin and mineral analyses are conducted to validate the product content and specifications of LifeCaps, assuring high quality.

NOTE: Our 60 Caplet Trial/GoBag Size LifeCaps have a 100% satisfaction guarantee! (Just send back the empty bottle for a refund, RMA required, see terms and conditions or call us for complete details.)
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.