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Thanks for your input, the new LifeCaps2 formula is almost ready for testing. While technically, it will be the fourth version of LifeCaps, we are changing the name to LifeCaps2 since version three, the first chewable caplets version, has been continuously produced since the fall of 2013. To date, it's been our most popular LifeCaps formula, with the 180 caplet three pack being the number one product for years! For our loyal shoppers, we're sorry we ran out. But we're so excited about the new formula, we don't currently plan on producing more of the third formula.

We are very sorry for all the delays, but the pandemic truly has impacted the formulation and production of LifeCaps2.

Join our mailing list to learn more about the new formula and we'll let you know when it's ready to ship later this fall. As alway, LifeCaps2 are being produced, right here in the USA and madd from the finest ingredients.